Take Heart, Fellow Liberals!

Take heart, anti-Trump folks. Come January our new president will be learning the political machine doesn’t work quite as efficiently as he seems to think it does. And as for his promise to fix what’s broken with the system? Even tear it down if he has to? I want you to name a president that didn’t say that while they were running for office. Even Jefferson used similar rhetoric, and he was only the third person in the office.

“Canada sucks anyways”

This isn’t different, we just don’t remember the last time this very thing happened. I assure you it has. One politician can’t break the American democracy, but we can. If we don’t have a little bit of respect and patience for this thing we built, we could easily tear it down. It’s not worth it. The grass isn’t greener, there isn’t a one size fits all system that works for everyone all the time. There are problems, but we need to address them with a clear head and some critical thought.

The important thing to remember is that we don’t have to wait four years to take the wind from Trump’s sails(If that is indeed what we intend to do) we need only wait two. Trump has congress, in two years we’ll have a chance to vote and take it from him. But for the love of God, that means caring as much about the congressional election as you did this one. I promise you it’s much more important. Congress actually writes and passes most of the laws that affect us everyday. The president sits in a chair and talks to foreign leaders. Two years. Vote.

I’m going to go make a pot of borscht because this is still my America and I intend to live in it. Canada sucks anyways.

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