Push It!

I’ve found myself obsessed the past few years with the thought of self improvement. It has consumed much of my cognitive processes. I subscribe to blogs, listen to podcasts, etc… I even bought a copy of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” I haven’t gotten through the first ten pages or so where they vie frantically to convince the reader that Dale Carnegie was an infallible genius. That left a bad taste in my mouth. I was sold when I gave him my credit card information, now I want the secret he promised me.

I’ve also been getting pretty heavy into online learning, like Treehouse and Udemy. This is where it’s going to start sounding like a pitch, but I promise you  I don’t get paid for any of this. Udemy is the goddamn tits. It has myriad courses that are stringently vetted before they hit the market. Some of the courses are a little on the expensive side, but they have a lot of sales and a browser coupon-finder can save you an ass-ton. Some of the courses on there are worth the two-hundred dollar tag, but my advice is to never pay more than thirty dollars for a course, I’ve never had to. Just wishlist what you want and wait for the sale.

Every day I ask myself “How can I be better” and I really don’t think it’s as healthy as the gurus suggest

I’ve found one of the more rewarding things in my journey of self-improvement has been a continuation of my education. I’m really excited about the potential to find learning opportunities outside of the realm of institutionalized learning. This is the fucking information age. Everything we know as a species is on the internet and free. The only reason I pay for courses is because they are thirty-five hundred quality notches above the shitty tutorials on YouTube. Free internet is great, but paid internet is better. But if you aren’t working with much cash, there’s a million resources out there that don’t cost a dime.

Another huge thing for me is the apps. I have my phone packed with things that manage my money, calories, and time. None of these things have ‘fixed’ me yet, but I find they help to keep me honest. If I have something that is objectively tracking what I do with my time and my finances, it’s harder to lie my way out of shame. I just wish there was an app for managing my anxiety and anger issues, but I suppose that would put a lot of good therapists out of work.

Every day I ask myself “How can I be better” and I really don’t think it’s as healthy as the gurus suggest. I’m constantly either pushing myself to go even harder, or shaming myself for not being good enough to live up to my ridiculous standards. I don’t know if humans are supposed to live that way, but as a type A, this is where I live.

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