The Wreck

Hanging sheets from eaves to ease doubt

A swollen gash flooded leaking out

Stairs pulsing with motion from above

Below the glory, shackled, frail dove


Jilted dew lies on tattered brow

Broken mast besieged beleaguered bow

A ship as fine as emperor’s lace

Broken, hollow, beneath lover’s grace


The mighty mass turns in tide

Washed up breathing salted hide

Faceless bulging bloated gore

Streamed across the rotting shore


Sun bleaches plague and pustules form

Fluttering winged ravenous swarm

Baubles bob and duck and weave

Solemn black the widows grieve

Laser Defender

This one is going to require some extra stuff. I didn’t build any of the art assets for this. I tweaked the hue on the enemy ships to make them more “enemy-ish”. I also grabbed all of the sounds from freesound.  This game was built as a part of a Udemy course I’m taking. I’m going to link the course and the assets below.

Some of the concepts I was working on in my self-study of the project was the concept of player feedback. The earlier builds of this game featured a silent game area. When struck, enemy ships would simply disappear. I’ve done a lot in the way of sound effects and particle systems. I’m sure I could do a lot more, and I will practice new techniques on this game. That said, I have to move on in my study, so I’m putting this here for now. There is a very good chance I’ll update it in the future, but for the time being I’d welcome any feedback.


Gamebucket link

Credits and Attribution

Design and Programming courtesy of Gerald Burke

Learn to Code by Making Games – The Complete Unity Developer


Spaceships courtesy of wuhu


Lasers courtesy of Rawdanitsu


“Laserian” font by Iconion Fonts


 Sound Effects courtesy of:

Julien Matthey

Nbs Dark