Worse Than A Journal

The intention of this website was to share everything that came out of me, creatively, and get it into the world for people that might be interested. However, the website is looking more like one of my neglected journals every day. I write in bursts for short lengths of time and produce content irregularly. I need to work on that. Maybe I should have a discussion with the management. I’ve heard the guy in charge of all this is a real piece of work.

Aside from my place in the class of the working poor, I don’t have any real problems that hold me back. My marriage is happy and my home is stable. My children are young, but reasonably autonomous for their age. It isn’t really all that hard to just sit down and produce content, lord knows I have the time. I just never really do. It’s a lot easier to watch TV or play video games. I don’t even like TV.

Maybe my problem is that I have a Steam library full of games I don’t think I’ll ever have the time to play. I’m not saying I’m special, I know very few people who have both Steam and a stable income that don’t have a library full of unplayed games. It’s the nature of the beast. Maybe I can blame the market and the fact that I have more choices than my brain is capable of processing. Maybe it’s my fault for not holding myself and my attention to a higher standard. I want to fix things and work on myself, but that becomes its own kind of distraction.

I think I probably need to start exercising…

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