I Hope You Don’t Actually Read These

It’s a beautiful morning in “My America”, or some such bullshit. To be perfectly honest, it’s much too cold for me to discern the beauty of the day. I’ll have to face it soon anyways. I don’t feel like I have much to say this morning. I’ve said that more than once now. I can promise you that I’ll say it again. I’m trying to develop good habits here. Write every day. But if I don’t actually publish these things, I would be beholden only to myself, and that is rarely a recipe for success.

I did quit smoking. Cold Turkey, last July, it was great. I did that one by myself. I keep reading things online about how, once you quit, other bad habits fall out even easier. Why wouldn’t they? I quit smoking for Christ’s sake. That has not been my experience. I’ve had an even harder time quitting soda than I did quitting smoking. I did quit the fast food though. It was getting ridiculous. Just because McDonald’s is the cheapest and fastest way to keep yourself alive, take your body a little bit more seriously. I didn’t realize how dependent I was on convenience dining until I cleaned out my wife’s car and found what was, for us, a week’s worth of fast food packaging. It’s disgusting.

You have more time than you think. Just cook something for yourself, take your shortcuts where you need to, but take a little bit of time to think about your nutrition. Of course I’m saying shit that everyone else seems to know, so if I’m coming across as naive, just let me know.

I want to live well and do well. Be an example to my daughters and to my wife. Or maybe I’ll just drink myself to death. I like to keep my options open.


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