Fake it till you’ve fallen

Farther than you thought

Until your dreams lie whithering

In heaps of death and rot
Until you find you’ve lied

To everyone you know

And took a patch of sand and dust

As the foundation of your home
And watch as rising tides

Wash away your hope

And you find your heart too heavy

To be supported by the rope
And when you lose yourself

You find you cannot grieve

For in the depth of soul you know

It was you that made you leave

The Wreck

Hanging sheets from eaves to ease doubt

A swollen gash flooded leaking out

Stairs pulsing with motion from above

Below the glory, shackled, frail dove


Jilted dew lies on tattered brow

Broken mast besieged beleaguered bow

A ship as fine as emperor’s lace

Broken, hollow, beneath lover’s grace


The mighty mass turns in tide

Washed up breathing salted hide

Faceless bulging bloated gore

Streamed across the rotting shore


Sun bleaches plague and pustules form

Fluttering winged ravenous swarm

Baubles bob and duck and weave

Solemn black the widows grieve

The Urgency of Fallacy

First published on WritersCafe in 2015


Have I missed the salient point,
A laugh, a lie, a smile?
Do in process we anoint,
The cunning and the infantile?
To break ourselves upon the shore
A sacred, albeit boring score
Deny ourselves the sovereignty
To govern progress sovereignly
Reigning in and raining on
The arms of fortune thrust upon
These words in name
We scream again
“We’ve conquered thee!”
“Why can’t you see,”
“The urgency of fallacy?”


First published on WritersCafe in 2016


I wish you could see me for the man I am

And not the one I want to be

I’m at the end of my rope

And this chair isn’t holding me


I remember the day your eyes were fire

And I promised you all the things I didn’t own

I wish I could go back and take the words

That I used to build this home


We say many beautiful things

That seem so sweet but taste of ash

And I regret not bleeding myself

As I watched you hemorrhage through the glass


But it’s too late to pretend to be slave

When I’ve burned everything I’ve had

It’s not enough to suffer to the enemy

But deliver our fate into his hands


We watch the days tick by

Like a thousand falling spears

Pressing down on our heavy hearts

As the moments turn to years


Suffering like cancer wrought

This narrowed point of view

I wish we could forget our promises

And leave only me and you